Treatment of Gaps with Invisalign

The gap in your teeth cannot go unnoticed. You can see it when you stand in front of mirror, you see a picture of you, and when you talk to someone and the other person notices this feature of you. In other words, it’s your feature which bothers you almost the entire time. You may find it effective to fix this problem but you might also not like the application and keeping of braces. In this scenario, an effective solution you can go for is the Invisalign. The main feature of Invisalign is that it doesn’t change the appearance of your teeth like what is instantly done after application of braces, i.e. the metal wires above your teeth.

What is Invisalign?

There is an obvious reason why Invisalign is becoming more popular orthodontic treatment than any other means of treating the out-of-shape teeth. Braces consist of wires and clamps which hold the teeth. On the other hand, Invisalign consists of clear plastic trays which you will need to wear on your teeth. These trays are custom-made. In fact, it’s the series of trays you will need to wear on your teeth. You will have to get these trays changed after every couple of weeks. Every new tray of Invisalign tends to bring your teeth in the desired shape. This is how you can get the treatment of your teeth with gaps too.

Why Invisalign is better than braces?

When you are told to go for the Invisalign treatment rather than braces, you may ask the reason because braces are tried and tested for being an effective orthodontic treatment. A few reasons that give Invisalign a clear edge over braces are as under.

  • When you get the braces, you wish that you don’t have these wires running above your teeth. Invisalign allows you to have the kind of orthodontic treatment which wouldn’t let others to know that you are currently have a treatment to bring your teeth in shape.
  • Braces can turn out to be uncomfortable on consistent basis. You can even get your mouth injured at different instances due to braces. However, Invisalign is completely comfortable as compared to braces. These are smooth plastic trays which fit on your teeth without any hurdle or discomfort.
  • The best thing about Invisalign is that these trays do not make it difficult for you to take care of your dental hygiene. You can get these trays removed when you need to clean your teeth. You can do the cleaning in the normal way and you can wear the trays back on your teeth when the cleaning is done.
  • With all this comfort and flexibility, you may think that Invisalign is a slow treatment. Well, this treatment is amazingly efficient. Braces give you the results in 2 years. On the other hand, you just need 8 to 18 months in order to get the bad shape of your teeth treated.


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